Tuesday, October 21, 2008


For all of my life I've been attending Arkalalah in some way. It starts with concessions I believe today (Tues), then they have a super cool light parade on Wednesdays, but since I am a leader in Awanas we have missed it for the past 3 years, and then Thursday has become a girls trip for a few of us (oh so fun), Friday is usually the kiddie parade, and Saturday around 2 is always the big 2 hour parade. It's loads of fun. I haven't been to the big parade in a couple years. I think the last time I went Jake was 4. Here he is in it with my dad.

So you see it's been about 5 years. I am hoping to go this year to the big parade. We go down after work on Thursday and eat, walk around, possibly ride some good ole carnival rides, and eat some more. Cheesecake on a stick comes to mind! :) I can't wait for this Thursday to experience it again and welcome a newbee into the annual trip. Laurie I hope you enjoy it!!! Here's a pic of us last year.

A couple girls can't go this year for prior engagements , hopefully they can join us again next year. We goina have some fun!!!! ;) Check back Friday hopefully I have the new blog posted for this year!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Twilight saga sadness

So I've been longing for more of my Twilight stories involving Edward and Belle. The books ended fine and all, it's just they could have kept going and had more and more stories, but no she ended it in 4 books. While they were 4 long books and each book kept getting longer by about 100 pages or so, it's still sad that it's done. So right now the few of us that have read it are counting down until the movie comes out November 21st. We will be there no matter what for that first night!!! Probably standing in line like the giddy teenagers we no longer are. :)

Then there's the sad part about Midnight Sun. I do hope she recovers from whoever let her rough draft slip out into the public. There are so many of us, that why patience would have been short, would have gladly waited until it was completed. To hear Edwards side is so very necessary in my opinion. I hope she has better feelings about it and continues the story for our sake...right girls?!!

Maybe we should start making up our own continuation of the story...what would Alice be doing right now? Is Rosalie still a hag? uh yeah. Who is Emmett arm wrestling now? How big is Nessie? I could go on...oh the sadness.