Thursday, February 12, 2009

Total Randomness

I was flossing this morning and a piece of my tooth came off. How does that happen? It was floss not a jackhammer. And to top it off it's one of my "two front teeth". Fantastic isn't it.

So tired these days...blaming the weather. Hopefully not laziness since that's what it really is. I want to get back into the getting up at 5 and running...but with my running partner. That's probably why is because she's not waiting on me...Jackson is. It's so much easier to cancel on someone who you know isn't out of bed yet. This morning he showed me he doesn't need me to go running with, well he's always ran alone, but he took our 9 year old and ran with him instead. Go Jake! So I've been replaced by a 9 year old. He did get out of bed though...guess that's the key. Miss you Jasper.....

Stocktons last report was good. God is so awesome. Nothing has changed on his liver which is very good. Thanks to everyone who was praying for him.

Everyone's having babies. Sometimes I wish we would have had more...even if I did get 3 boys...but then I think...nah, I'll just borrow everyone else's and send them home...oh great, now I'm a grandma.

I'm still needing ideas of stuff to do in Florida...for me and Jackson and just for me. :)

Is it May yet? We get our first dog in May and I'm ready. We've decided on names..Jackson is naming his Tank and I'm going to name mine Cali.

I'm so ready for a tan. While I do enjoy swimming wherever it may be...indoors is so not the same as being at good ole Sun N Fun and soakin up the sun...oh tan where art thou?

Well I guess that's all my thoughts for the moment...I may add more later...oh look there's a kitty.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another proud moment!

We were going thru Jake's backpack like any other day and came across this paper that he did at school.

We were amazed, obviousley. The assignment was to write about "The important thing about..." and my boy chose Jesus! That's right...Jesus!! The teachers may not be able to talk about Jesus at school, but that's not stopping my boy from doing it! You go Jake!! Below is the picture that he made to go along with the above very true story.