Friday, August 29, 2008

Voted most likely too...

The other day on the radio they were having a call in on what you were voted most likely high school. I personally have fullfilled 1 1/2 of my most likely's the first one being most likely to marry a soldier, check and the second one was most likely to get a full body tattoo, although I will never do full body, I add to my collection yearly. I can't remember very many from what was being said on the radio but here are some of the ones I found hilarious so far are:

Most likely to break down and cry in their cubicle for no apparent reason
Most likely to scream "There's not enough cheese!!!" in a crowded shopping mall
Most likely to parachute into Moscow wired with explosives
Most likely to get arrested without pants
Most likely to have seven ex-wives by the 10 year reunion
Most Likely to Marry a Plastic Surgeon and Look Younger at the 20 Year Reunion than at the 10 Year Reunion

Those are a few I found oh so funny, I especially like the last one. :)


My bff from high school and I were discussing the other day random memories from back when we used to sit in class and go off into a story about nothing really and draw pictures to go with these stories. We have a story called Pushcololiti Head Land that could easily be on the children's best selling books. I don't know where our illustrations have gone off to, but I am pretty sure I can easily lay my hands on the story. I sometimes wonder if we should have just been children's book writers from all the crazy imaginings we would come up with. We have since quit writing pictures for our stories, but it doesn't stop us from still trying to make up stories to lighten the work day. Maybe someday we'll be seen on the children's book author list. One can only hope...right Suz?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The beginning of the training.

Well I thought I'd blog on the beginning of our training season. This will be my 4th 1/2 marathon and my goal is to have the best time. A little background from the last 3 races...the 1st one I ran with Cindy in Oklahoma City and it was okay for our 1st one. 2nd race I ran with Cindy and Julie in Dallas and it was PHENOMENAL!!!!! We felt super awesome (well most of us felt super awesome...luv u C :) ) and we got about the same time as before but the feeling with this one was just awesome! We thought it was going to be in the 80's and we weren't so pumped but then God was so very kind to us and it was in the 40's. It again was just awesome! So then there's the 3rd one...well lets just say it was not my best run. My running partner was injured and my other running partner lives roughly 568 miles away. So training was done with my oh so wonderful husband who instead of running with me biked beside me on my long runs. I did some and I do say some of the short runs alone. The rest I just skipped. I'd been running for a year and a half pretty regularly why can't I do this one with less training...well I was wrong...oh so wrong. I did however get about the same time as my last two but it was the worse running day/race ever! So that all said my goal for this race is to get our best time yet...yes girls I am making this your goal too...which I already know it is, and for us to feel so very awesome once again in Dallas with another super cool run day. However there is only one rule: no giving blood or any other bodily fluids for that matter. They changed the last 5K and we are super pumped to learn how much faster it really is. 111 days and counting...

Friday, August 22, 2008

The First Blog

Not sure what this blogging will have in store but I was talked into it and thought how hard could blogging random thoughts be...Guess we will see.

I don't have many blogging friends hopefully more will join but the two I do have on here their blogs are fun to read. One blogs about her children and we all find out time and time again what a wonderful mother she continues to be and my other friend blogs random funniness and I look forward to reading both their blogs daily.

My blog will probably end up being a blog of randomness. I'm goina start my first blog about one of my favorite things to do...diving. I haven't got to go diving this year but it doesn't keep me from wishing we could. I have only been a certified diver for a little over a year now but I do enjoy it so. Last year Jackson and I planned a cruise for our 10 year anniversary. On the cruise he wanted to dive in Cozumel. He however was already certified. So I had to get certified or no cruise. I was very reluctant. All I keep thinking about was what kind of shark was going to eat me...something like this was what I thought would be the death of me:

So needless to say I was a little scared of the whole big ocean dive. But I kept getting told no cruise if I don't dive, well hello I wanted to go on this cruise.

So Cookson, OK here we came. I was enrolled in a 3 day course all by myself. I say all by myself because I didn't know anybody. Luck was on my side and it was a small class and there was a couple getting certified and we became quick friends. First half of the first day was spent in the classroom...learning that the chance of sharks biting you was very slim. Still not convinced it was time for the pool diving. Oh boy here came the wet suit. Now if you've never worn a wet suit let me tell ya it ain't no walk in the park. You have to squeeze yourself into this thing that barely covers half of you when it's NOT on. We all managed to get into them and get our gear on and into the pool we went. You know breathing under water isn't normal. It's to me one of the hardest things to get used to. I of course was the person the instructor got mad at because instead of breathing normal I instead hyperventialted and had to stop. I finally got the hang of it and after we did our many different remove the mask, blow the water out of the mask, etc etc we got to swim around the 13 ft pool. Now we're talkin! So that was it for the first day.

The 2nd day we spent more time in the pool and then after lunch was time to hang with the fish. Lake Tenkiller is a spot divers go because of the 8 ft visability. However last year it was some 30 ft deeper than usual and the visability was more like 3 ft. So our first exercise was to decend down 30 ft holding onto a rope the whole way. Everything is so dirty and boy was it chilly. We made it down there but freaky let me tell ya. This is what it looked like in the water:

So after we swam around this platform at 30 ft we were done for the day.

3rd day was a part play day. We had to learn to use the compass first and then we got to explore the "sunken treasure". There was a bus, plane, boats and probably other stuff. I get the go ahead to go diving with Jackson and his dad. You are always told to keep a buddy. Jackson obviousley would be my chosen buddy. However he forgot that I had no idea where I was going and would get 4 ft away and he was gone. Freaked me out...he'll tell you he never thought he could get chewed out under water until then. :) After he realized to stay near we found a bus. A bus 40 ft down and in only 3 ft of visibility sneaks up on you pertty quick. Freaked me out. This is not normal. We saw the bus, I had enough of that in about 2 seconds and was ready to get away from whatever could come swimming out of the bus...again not normal. So we are swimming along looking at stuff on the bottom and there's all these perch. I hold out my finger and one bites it over and over, so funny. We keep decending deeper and there was a boat on it's side. Jackson motions for me to swim around to the other side and I about lost it. There on the other side was this manican with a white mask on. Needless to say I didn't stay there long. So we were just about out of air and it was time to do our timed ascent to the top. We made it and I passed luckily.


This of course was me before the compass test. :)

The ocean dive is a whole other story...I wasn't eaten by a shark obviousley.