Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Why I love fall!

Haven't posted in a while so I thought I would post about why I love fall! Feel free to repost with your own loves of fall.

1. While I am a runner all year, running in 60 degrees and above is not fun. Love the fall weather for running, it's so much more amazing.
2. Fall scents

3. Love being able to open my windows.

4. Octoberfest.

5. Arkalalah with the girls.
6. Love all the runs we are doing this year! One in Oct, Dec, and Jan!!! Woohoo.

7. Chai tea

8. Pumpkins
9. Trick or treating with the kids

10. Thanksgiving with the family!

11. Hangin outside in the evenings

12. the changing leaves

13. Mums

14. Comfy sweatshirts

15. OU Football!!
16. Warm food such as soups and yummy pumpkin desserts

17. Pumpkin spice latte from starbucks!
18. Blackwell fair

19. Affair of the Heart

That's all I can think of right now but I'm sure I have plenty more. Can't wait to read my friends...tagging Julie B and N and anyone else who wants to do it. This was fun!!

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Julie Nephew said...

mmmm Pumpkin Spice please.