Monday, November 2, 2009

Arkalalah 2009

This year we went to Arkalalah on Wednesday for the night parade. It wasn't the best parade, that will be why you see no pictures of it.

We started off the night with the infamous bierocks...there IS a picture of that!

I good! I had 1 1/2 that night and 2 more on Saturday, yep they are that good.

Jami and I always have so much fun together and this year we made plans to do Arkalalah together. We both were raised going to the event so it's no wonder we both love to go every year so much.

Here we are and no we did not plan to dress alike. Stuff like that happens all the time with us.

The kids sure had a good time between eating cheesecake on a stick...

to riding rides and, we're not talkin any sissy rides for my boys.

To just hangin out with their good friend Hali.

We always have a good time with Jami and Hali!!! Can't wait to do it again next year!!

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Jami and Co. said...

yeahh i love you deariepoo! so glad life has settled for ME and i feel as though we get to finally enjoy or friendship and families FINALLY i know i know im getting all mushy! ok im done! cant wait to see you fri! SUSHI!!!