Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Jackson, Jeff, Amy and I went and ran the Tulsa Run this past weekend. It was perfect weather to start out until the sun was beating on you. Prefer 40's and overcast however 50's and a little sun wasn't so bad. Here we are before the race.

I was feeling extra spectacular for this race, thank you God! And ran it in 1 hr and 34 min at a 10:09 pace. The good ole garmin watch said we ended up running 9.4 miles instead of the 9.3 and my time with the extra 10th was 10:02 pace. Taking that one since I'm not thinking the satelites are wrong :). Amy did so excellent for her first race past a 5K with 1 hr 44 min at an 11:13 pace. I'm so proud of her, that was awesome for the first long race!!! Jackson finished in 1 hr and 32 min and Jeff in 1 hr 30 min. We all had good runs and hope to run it again next year!!

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